September 2020 Admissions

We are excited to have you join us in September 2020.

We normally have lots of transition activities starting now, but this is difficult due to the current situation.


Hopefully we will all meet in person as soon as we believe this is the best form of communication. Please do keep in contact with us via email with any questions, worries or concerns:

Please see our Nursery or Reception 2020 Sways for all the information you will need to give your child a happy start to our school.




We can’t wait to meet you all!

Hope you are safe and well at this time.

From the EYFS Team.


All of our teachers would like to read you their favourite story.

Click on the pictures below to listen. 


Our Early Years Leadership Team 

    Mr Graham                   Mr Crump-Jones                Miss Girvan                        Mrs Short

      Principal                       Nursery Lead                 Reception Lead          SEND & Safeguarding Lead 

             Mrs Eldridge   

      SEND and EAL Lead                                                                        




Our Nursery Team